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State Testing Resources

The State Testing Resources page provides information and resources for the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP), including the College- and Career-Readiness Assessments (CCRAs).
To support families, the OSDE offers the following resources and information: 
OSTP Parent, Student, Teacher Guides (PSTGs) provide information about what your student is learning and how you can support them at home; as well as, giving you examples of the types of questions used on the state test.
College- and Career-Readiness Assessment (CCRA) provide information about the College- and Career-Readiness Assessment (CCRA), which consists of two parts. For part 1, SAT( including the writing section) which Dove Schools have chosen to administer. Part 2 consists of a Science Assessment which is aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science and a U.S. History Assessment which is aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for U.S. History.

Parent Portal Toolkit provides information about state tests, how to interpret scores and how to use the scores to support your student. 

OSDE Family Guides provides links to grade-level guides that illustrate what is expected of students at each grade level in different content areas along with activities families can do at home to further support your student's learning

OSDE Family Engagement is home to tools and resources that support partnerships between families and schools. 

The OSTP Parent Portal is an interactive web-based tool you can use to access your student's test scores at any time.

 (Please note that there can only be one account for each family and you will need your student's State ID (STN) number and date of birth to set up an account. Your student's state ID number can be found on their paper OSTP Family report or by contacting your student's school)