Dove and OITS Students Succeed at Science Competitions

Congratulations Sharks, Raptors, Rockets, and OITS Superstars! Students from OITS and Dove schools in Tulsa and Oklahoma City won big at the Regional Science Fairs and the Science Olympiad this season.


Dove School of Discovery

F. Ayuketa - 3rd in Chemistry

D. Zainoba won - 1st in Microbiology and Biochemistry


Dove Science Academy Tulsa

E. Hendricks and M. Ramirez - 2nd in Engineering



J. Hughes - 3rd in Anatomy and Physiology and 3rd in Disease Detectives

Z. Hernandez - 4th in Solar System and 5th in Ornithology

D. Hernandez - 5th in Rocks and Minerals and 7th in Food Science


DSA Middle School South

N. Bortier - 2nd in Biochemistry and Chemistry

M. Juarez - 3rd in Biochemistry and Chemistry

A. DeLeon and T. Garcia - 1st in Biomedical and Health Sciences

E. Morales and S. Charqueno - 1st in Biomedical and Health Sciences

J. Gomez - 2nd in Biomedical and Health Sciences

N. Griffin and S. Rodriguez - 2nd in Earth and Environmental Science

S. Blatt - 3rd in Engineering Technology

A. Hernandez and P. Rogers. - 2nd in Microbiology


DSA High School OKC

A. Akula and J. Gonzalez - 1st in Write It Do It

I. Cano and G. Ranjel - 2nd in Anatomy Physiology

M. Herrera and L. Rodriguez - 4th in Experimental Design


DSA Middle School OKC

C. Cox and J. Petterson - 1st in Behavioral and Social Sciences

T. Olutide - 1st in Biochemistry and Chemistry

Y. Yilmaz - 2nd in Engineering Technology

J. Hudson - 1st in Plant Science


Also included above are pictures from DSA Elementary OKC's 15th annual Science Fair for 4th and 5th graders. Wow, amazing!