Dove Schools Hosts State Drone Championships

Dove Schools, Rose State College, and the REC Foundation hosted the first ever Oklahoma State Aerial Drone Competition! Thirty-six teams from Oklahoma and Nebraska met at Rose State for day of precise piloting, coding, and fierce competition. The winners are headed to the National Championships!


This year's drone mission is called "Blackout" because it ends with a challenging blind landing. But before that, teams must move color-coded balls around the arena into scoring areas, and fly in and around obstacles. Students are also tested on their programming skills, as they need to code their drone to fly an obstacle course without a human pilot!


The day was capped with a visit from Mr. Doug Wood, who manages Unmanned Aircraft Systems for the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission. This was an awesome event -- the culmination of weeks of practice for some very talented young people. Thanks to all teams, coaches, and parents; the fabulous team of referees, the REC Foundation, and Rose State College!